Boer Goats...old breed attracts new interest

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All of our animals and poultry
are raised "free range".
We do not use hormones or steroids
to force growth unnaturally. We believe
in natural forms of medication when needed.
All of our animals are guaranteed to be disease free
at the time in which  they leave Prairie Creek Settlement.

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Prairie Creek Settlement Welcomes you to our web site. 

The Boer goat is a large carcuss
breed of meat goat.

As a fund raising project for New Day Dawning Ministries we have begun a breeding program using a full blood registered boer buck and several other breeds of  does. This project will last several years and will help build a food source for our ministries' Christian Community at Prairie Creek Settlement in Missouri. 

We are in the beginning stages of this program and find that researching information concerning our project is a fun and entertaining project in itself.

Ranger was purchased, in the summer of 2003, from Haloday Farms, well known breeders in the Springfield, Missouri area. In his first year he sired 6 offspring...2 bucks and 4 does.These were born by 2 single births and 2 twin births in late May and early June of 2004. We are extremely proud of Ranger.

Ranger is mild mannered and good to his herd!.

Please feel free to visit our site often. As our projects develop we will  post useful information concerning goats, chickens, rabbits, cattle and other livestock.Also information about our community and our Christian information. We will also add a gardening page in the future, with great recipes that we have tried. We will also place links and other information concerning the lifestyle that we are living.

Our community is based on country living and being as self reliant as is possible. When we start building permanent homes and shop buildings, we will build in the old 1800's style of structures. As time goes by, we will also have land available for crafters and artisans who are dedicated to the old ways and want to live and work on this property.

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